Stop hate and war! Start love and peace!


The non-profit organization CHILDREN FIRST has instituted an awareness campaign:

stop hate and war

It aims to raise public awareness of the immense suffering of children and their families, as a result of the terrible consequences of war. A Music Video was produced as a means of promoting this awareness campaign. The title of the song is “A cross in the wind” (click on “Music album Paradise Bird”) and it highlights the horrors, atrocities and suffering that is caused by wars close to the borders of Europe: Iraq, Syria, Israel / Gaza, Eastern Ukraine and Libya. (See the poem Red”)

At the same time, the film includes a message of friendship, brotherhood, and love, and highlights the great dream of human peace, with the hope of touching the heart and the soul of each and every person who sees it, encouraging them to propagate the seeds of love in their own family and then spread them around the world. Creating the songs were Sylia Eibl, the president of the Children First association, who participated as a singer /songwriter, and musicians who are well known in the Italian music industry, like music arranger, Max Marcolini, who produces for ZUCCHERO and IRENE FORNACIARI and sound engineer Fabrizio Simoncini, the former keyboard player for LIGABUE.

Since 2003, the association has been committed to bringing aid to needy children, especially in countries affected by armed conflict and steeped in violence. Currently, these children are located in Pakistan and Ukraine and, in the past, have been located in Palestine, Lebanon and Darfur. The president of the association would be pleased if visitors and supporters not only watch the music video, but also try to promote the video and the message of peace and love by employing media such as (Facebook, Twitter, WhatsApp, etc.), and also by inviting their friends to take part in this promotion.

“Up until now I have been a “director” in humanitarian work, dedicated to children that are suffering from the effects of war, violence and poverty, but now I feel that for the first time, I have the opportunity to take another step towards trying to improve other people’s and my lives by assuming the mantle of “director” for the production of this video. The aim of this video is to sensitize public opinion to the suffering of children and adults, in the hope of promoting love and peace. Watch, listen, read and imagine! Imagine the pain that every war creates….but don’t resign yourself, ever! Imagine the terror in the eyes of the children trying to escape these ravages, ….but don’t accept it, ever! If you believe in the values of peace, and you would like to donate hope, give yourself and your friends a gift- Share this video full of horror and infinite suffering with them, which aims to make people stand back and think. Spread our message of love and reflection, so that the whole world can get involved.” (Sylvia Eibl)

Please read the articles published in magazines and newspapers regarding this campaign: “Gazzetta dello Sport”, “Oggi” and “Il Giorno”:

Gazzetta dello Sport