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Weddings, christenings, first communions, confirmations, graduations and anniversaries are special, unique events that bring joy into our lives. Share these happy moments with your loved ones with our “Solidarity favours ” enabling friends and relatives to share your happiness and your choice of solidarity. Your gesture has a double value: the tangible reminder of a very special day and your actual contribution to one of our projects of your choice. Replacing or accompanying traditional favours, our “Solidarity Scrolls” transform an exciting event in your life into a wonderful gesture of solidarity and hope.

Our „Solidarity Scrolls“ are printed on ivory-coloured A4 sheets of paper. The wording is personalized and agreed with you based on the happy event you are celebrating: You can write the wording of your own scrolls, or choose from the ones we have on hand. The scrolls, which are printed in a colour of the highest quality, are rolled up and sealed with an elegant pink, blue or cream organza ribbon and will be sent to you in a special box within 3-5 days of your request (click here to see an example of a scroll with your own wording).

We leave it to you to decide the amount you wish to donate and the project for children in need you wish to support.

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The beautiful little „angel“, favour is the result of the talent, ingenuity and commitment of one of our volunteers, Giorgio Pezzuolo, who wanted to use his passion for handcraft to raise money for Children First to finance our projects for unfortunate children. After many years of experience in handcraft, Giorgio completed the little angel, which can be used as a Christmas ornament, a lavender air-freshener, a name-holder and, in our case, a favour. Each “Little angel favour” takes, on average, about two hours of work to complete.

Brief description of the components of the little angel favour:


The little angel is made with all of this, and is about 10.5cm high and is then inserted into a 6cm by 6cm by 12cm transparent packaging box.

The price of each angel is determined by the quantity you require and should be agreed upon when ordering

For more information, please call (0039) 331-1112436 or send an e-mail to