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The humanitarian philanthrophic non-profit organisation CHILDREN FIRST onlus was founded in Italy in 2003 by Sylvia Eibl and her husband Albert. It is represented by Sylvia Eibl as Chairwoman, who, together with volunteers, is personally full-time engaged in managing and carrying out projects for disadvantaged children and bringing concrete aid to children in need.

The goal of the organisation is to alleviate the hardship and suffering of children in various countries around the world and to improve their childhood substantially despite their race, colour or religion. All the staff of the organisation donates works with great energy and donates affection, love and concrete help to these little ones, in order to improve their situation and living conditions, particularly in developing countries, in areas affected by disaster and also in countries afflicted by war and violence.

CHILDREN FIRST onlus is different from many other associations and organisations working in the field of humanity and charity. This is because the organisation works WITHOUT ANY ADMINISTRATIVE COSTS, as these are the responsibility of the founders. This means that 100% of every donation reaches the needy child, and that not even a penny of the donations is used for administrations costs or salaries, because neither the Chairwoman Sylvia Eibl nor the volunteers receive a salary or any wage. All people who works in the organisation are philanthropists who selflessly donate their time, their talents and their abilities to the humanitarian missions of love that CHILDREN FIRST onlus  undertakes to help suffering children.

In the following are some of the humanitarian initiatives that are carried out in different countries around the world under the personal direction and supervision of the Chairwoman:

  • -The building and maintenance of school facilities and “reception centres” for poor children, especially for “rubbish dump children” and “street children”
  • -The distribution of food to malnourished children
    -The organization and financing of medical operations and special medical care both locally and abroad.
    -The supply of equipment such as hearing aids and artificial prostheses and the supply of medical equipment such as incubators, ventilators, etc. which are intended for the intensive care wards of pediatric hospitals in developing countries.
    -Financial support for children through the sponsorship program

    Actually CHILDREN FIRST onlus  is present with humanitarian aid in Pakistan and in Ukraine, and regarding medical treatments in Italy and all over the world (see “projects”)