Give our “Paradise Bird” album to someone you love

CF Album H

Give the album PARADISE BIRD” to someone you love, or give it as a present to yourself, to your friend for her birthday, to your colleague for his helpfulness, to your co-workers at the annual company dinner, to your neighbour as a thank-you gift, to your doctor for having taken care of you … .There are so many reasons to give a present to someone you care about … but the best reason to give is in order to be able to help A CHILD WHO NEEDS URGENT MEDICAL TREATMENT.

The album “PARADISE BIRD” was produced first and foremost to raise awareness about the issues of childhood, children’s solidarity and suffering throughout the world, and secondly, to raise money to finance medical care for children who are seriously ill, injured or maimed by war, armed conflicts or terrorist attacks. Since the album was produced with private funds, all payments relating to the purchase of the album are used to finance the medical care of these children.

Creating the songs were Sylvia Eibl, the president of the association, who participated as a singer/songwriter, and musicians who are well-known in the Italian music industry, like music arranger, Max Marcolini, who produces for ZUCCHERO and IRENE FORNACIARI and sound engineer Fabrizio Simoncioni, the former keyboard player for LIGABUE.

Among the 10 songs on the album are the songs FAI DI PIÙ (Do more)”, which is CHILDREN FIRST’s slogan, and UNA CROCE NEL VENTO (A Cross in the Wind) , the music video soundtrack for the CHILDREN FIRST onlus shock campaign “STOP HATE AND WAR! START LOVE AND PEACE!” (Read our campaign’s press release). The song lyrics are beautiful, touching and will make you think.



The album is on the label “NAR International” and you can get it by making a minimum donation of € 13 + delivery costs and by sending an email to Thank you for your gift of hope!