5 X 1000 tax donation


Your signature for the 5 x 1000 pre-tax donation in favour of CHILDREN FIRST onlus has an enormous fundamental value and helps us finance our projects for so many unfortunate children … and does not cost you anything!

On the tax return form (Supplementary CUD form, model 730 or Physical Persons Income form) you can donate the 5 x 1000 pre-tax donation of your income tax revenue to the non-profit association CHILDREN FIRST onlus

Making the 5 x 1000 pre-tax donation in your next tax return form is very simple:

Just sign your name in the “Support for voluntary and other non-profit social associations” and write CHILDREN FIRST´s fiscal code number in the given space


Even if you do not present your tax return form, you can still donate your 5 x 1000 to the charity 

Simply fill out the form which is given to you together with your CUD by your employer or the authority paying your pension and sign the box “Support for voluntary work…..” , indicating the CHILDREN FIRST fiscal code number:


Insert the form into an envelope, and write on it “DESTINAZIONE CINQUE PER MILLE IRPEF” along with your name, surname and fiscal code. Hand it in to either your nearest post office, bank branch, or a to an intermediary who can make telematic transmissions (CAF, accountants, etc.).

Be aware! The 5 x 1000 pre-tax donation is not an alternative or substitute to the 8 x 1000 (which is another pre-tax donation) but it is one more choice you are entitled to, in order to donate a second percentage of your tax payment- thus the one does not exclude the other.

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